In the festival in 2004,An old bus is prepared for opening to the public.
Of course, the driver is interested in this, too.
This bus doesn't move.
Drivers move it.
Hey ! pull out the gear !
(The movie starts this type of picture for the click.)
The bus is put on the position after a serious effort.

There are many small uniforms.
These are used to take children's photographs.

The preparation of meal is busy.
Visitors has came.
It's a hot day

He has the skill of the balloon art.
Of course, he is a bus driver, not a balloon artist.
Kids wear the uniform for children and the uniform cap.
This photograph will become good memories.

In the old bus, drivers talk with a Canadian teacher who teaces bus drivers English.
A long day ends.
They are tired.
Here is newly-married couple.

The report during the funny day